Indigo People at a glance

Indigo People was founded to support the talent and skills of traditional craftsmen and share the beauty of their work with the rest of the world. Get to know us better by reading this quick overview, or learn more by visiting our about or craftsmanship pages.

Natural Indigo

Each product made by Indigo People is manually dyed in natural indigo. To get a deep dark blue colour, the weaving yarns are dipped about 10 to 20 times in a vat of indigo. The more the yarns are dipped in the natural indigo, the darker the blue colour. During the dyeing process, no chemicals are added. General wear, use and wash will fade the colour, as the product is naturally dyed. Thus, each product will gain its unique appearance by time.

Authentic Design

Taking inspiration from vintage Shibori, Sashiko and Ikat textiles, traditional designs are recreated and modernised by using authentic weaving techniques such as ikat, batik and block printing. Our aim is to create unique pieces with an authentic jeans attitude that are a must for the contemporary denim outfits

Limited Production

Indigo People collaborates with traditional artisans and produces on a small scale in different countries in Asia. We encourage and support local, small businesses and aim to preserve their traditions. Due to the manual production process, each product can only be produced in a limited amount.