Cultural Fashion: Transform the Fashion Industry From Villain to Hero | Monica Boța-Moisin | TEDxTUM

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We are so proud to be mentioned as an inspiring example in this fascinating TED x TUM talk by Monica Moisin, about protecting traditional cultural expressions and building bridges between traditional craftsmanship and the fashion [...]

Selvedge Run Berlin

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The Selvedge Run in Berlin is over, and we had a great time! We introduced our new products here, made of both organic and regular cotton. Further, we collaborated with Blue Day to produce exclusive [...]

Trade Show Schedule January/February

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We will kick off 2017 with going to several trade shows, for which you are cordially invited! Our fall collection can be viewed at the following locations: PITTI UOMO, FLORENCE Touch Area, booth C1 10th-14th [...]

Our products at our Retailers!

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As you may know, our Indigo People products can be bought at 100 retailers worldwide. We sell our products in Germany, Italy, China, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, to name a few. Are you curious what our [...]

Indigo People live at Eduard Leiden

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For a while now, Indigo People has been giving demonstrations during fairs and festivals. We have shown natural indigo dyeing, and the batik technique. Upcoming weekend, Indigo People will give a demonstration on the batik [...]

The New Fashion Society Annual Fashion Show

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In April 2016, Indigo People participated in the New Fashion Society Fashion Show 2016. The Fashion Show was held at the NRC Cafe in Rotterdam. We got the opportunity to showcase part of new Fall/Winter [...]

Indigo People x Denham the Jeanmaker Part 2

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Collaboration part two The first collaboration project between Indigo People and Denham for the Pre-Spring 2016 collection was such a success that both brands decided to continue the collaboration. For the Spring 2016 collection, there [...]