Fashion Revolution Day

Four years ago Rana Plaza (a factory in Bangladesh) collapsed. Over 1000 textile workers died and several hundred were injured. Several well-known brands produced their clothing in that factory. From that moment onwards, people realised that something had to be done about these incidents in the fashion industry. In order to create awareness, they bundled their power and Fashion Revolution was born. We, Indigo People, support this initiative and therefore dedicate this article to what happened a few years ago by giving you some insights into how our products are made and by whom.

Why do we produce in South-East Asia?

Indigo People was founded to support the talent and skills of traditional artisans and share the beauty of their work with the rest of the world. We collaborate with traditional weaver communities in South-East Asia. These communities are often small and self-reliant. However, young people often leave these communities, to pursue economic opportunities in larger cities. The result is that the beautiful craftsmanship will sooner or later become extinct. Each community we work with is carefully chosen for their own specialised technique, following a long tradition. As we are growing, we are looking for new opportunities to help the local small business by producing our products there. Our products are mainly produced in Thailand, Laos PDR, Indonesia and India. We have chosen these countries particularly because we want to maintain and support the endangered craftsmanship. By supporting the local communities, we hope the traditions are maintained, fostered and taught to new generations. The result after more than 4 years? We see great progress in our mission. Some young mothers who used to leave their children in the villages to make a living in town chose to collaborate with us, and thus they can stay in the village to take care of their children and earn money. The number of artisans that we work with is growing. This is exactly what we want!

Who makes our products?

Our products are made by artisans that live in the traditional weaving communities. Each community has their own specialisation, for example, Ikat weave and open weave. It was not easy to work with these traditional weavers due to the different cultural backgrounds and working mentalities. Much efforts and time are put into the education and training to ensure the product aesthetics and quality. This is quite a difficult task because all our products are handcrafted. To provide you with the highest quality raw denim products, we went through many quality checks to ensure you will get the best you deserve.

Next month, we will go to Thailand and Laos PDR to shoot some videos about who made your Indigo People products. If you can’t wait, head over to our video page to learn more about how our products are produced.

To be continued. #WhoMadeYourClothes #FashionRevolution2017