Collaboration part two

The first collaboration project between Indigo People and Denham for the Pre-Spring 2016 collection was such a success that both brands decided to continue the collaboration. For the Spring 2016 collection, there are again two scarves that embody the spirits of both brands to show their love for indigo and authentic craftsmanship.


Both scarves are created following the traditional ikat technique, which is a resist dyeing process by binding the designed pattern on the weaving yarns with a tight wrap. After repeatedly dipped the bound yarns in natural indigo to reach the dark blue colour, the bindings are then removed to create the pattern directly on the handloom.Because the design is created in the yarns the pattern is visible on both sides of the fabric.

The Toru scarf has a simple yet contemporary plaid design that is formed by the irregular ikat yarns in both the warp and the weft direction of the scarf. The rain effect of these ikat yarns gives an apparent blurriness to the plaid.

The Hajime scarf’s graphic design is inspired by Denham’s logo. The scissors have been abstracted and bound on the weft yarns. This weft ikat technique is much slower to weave because the weft yarns must be carefully adjusted to maintain the clarity of the design. A misplaced yarn will destroy the entire pattern. It’s a highly labor-intensive process to create the scissor pattern of this scarf.

Merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design refinement, Indigo People and Denham succeeded again in bringing together the two brands’ core values in two scarves. The scarves will only be available in the Official Denham stores.