Last year (2015) we participated in the Fashion Seminar Week of The New Fashion Society (NFS), a student organization with a focus to bridge the gap between students and the fashion industry. During this week Kiat had the opportunity viagra bez recepty to present Indigo People to the students. Besides this event, NFS also organizes the annual Fashion Show, in which several young designers, start-ups and also other brands are showing their collection. This year we had the chance to participate in the Annual Fashion Show, which was held at the NRCafé in Rotterdam, and show our new F/W 2016 collection!

Photographer Nicholas Fotiadis took some photos before the show even started. Besides these beautiful pictures, there is also a great video of us during the show made by Gia-Tinh Lam. Please click on this link to view the video.

Models: Jaap, Elisa, Linda, Maarten & Ananda
Make-up by: Soheyla Jafari, Bianca van Zon, Lotje Wels, Divine Betty, Louise Zondervan
Hair by: Na Azi, Lotje Wels, Louise Zondervan