Mud resist printing

Mud resist printing is a resist dyeing process applied to the finished textile, following the block print method. Block print is created by using a handmade wooden block to apply a mixture of mud and tree gum on fabric. The mud resists dye during the indigo dipping. Once the mud is removed after the dyeing, the printed area remains its original base colour.

Natural Indigo Dye

To get a deep dark blue colour, the runner is dipped about 10 to 20 times in a vat of indigo. The more the runner is dipped in the natural indigo, the darker the blue colour will get. During the dyeing process, no chemicals are added. General wear, use and wash will fade the colour and each product will gain its unique appearance by time.

Product Description:
Length 220cm, width 140cm, 100% cotton, handcrafted in India. (This article is hand printed, manually dyed and washed after crafting; the length, width and colour of each item may vary and differ)