Indigo People aims to create unique pieces that are unmissable for the contemporary denim outfits by merging traditional craftsmanship and antique textile designs with an authentic jeans attitude. In the Spring/Summer 2017 collection we have been exploring the traditional batik printing and combine it with indigo dyeing. The inspirations came from antique batik textiles and vintage Japanese shibori designs.
Batik is a wax-resist printing and dyeing process applied to the finished textile. Batik is either created by hand drawing with the melted wax using a sprouted tool called ‘canting’, or by printing the wax with a handmade copper stamp. The wax blocks the dyestuff to penetrate into the textile. Then the cloth is dipped piece by piece multiple times in natural indigo by hand, to achieve the deep indigo colour. To remove the printed wax, the cloth is boiled in hot water. Once the wax is removed the printed areas regain their raw colour and the artwork appears on the textile.